References and Happy Clients

sfpgaThanks to Alix’s excellent work and help with this year’s Silent Auction, we succeeded in our goal of getting the bids up on our most expensive items – all of which sold, at much better prices than we got last year. This had an immediate benefit for our cause. The auction was very successful, and we wouldn’t have gotten it done without her.

Most importantly, Alix’s work was more than helpful in setting groundwork for future years.  It has been a pleasure working with her.

Co-Founder, San Francisco Public Golf Alliance

cropped-EE-logo-1440x300-SmallSince joining the team in 2015, Alix has played a significant role in building our local outreach team from the bottom up. Dynamic, astute and composed, Alix develops productive partnerships with clients and stakeholders critical to our marketing and community outreach efforts. She is a proponent and early adopter of communication and collaboration tools that improve the efficiency of our virtual company. I’ve come to rely on Alix for her strategic and long-term planning expertise, and I respect her humble approach to managing teams.

Data Program Associate, Empower Efficiency, L.L.C.

Alix brings enthusiasm, drive, experience and great leadership to her roles. She is always willing to take the next step in order to move forward.

Alix is also a wonderful connector, and her natural networking skills are an incredible asset. She’s a great strategist, who has a talent for making connections across tasks, which maximizes efficiency in the workplace and each individual’s strengths. And, she does all this with a smile on her face. It’s a great pleasure to work with Alix!

Marketing and Communications Strategist, Empower Efficiency, L.L.C.

Alix has been one of the best supervisors and leaders with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work. She leads and motivates with appreciation and support, never missing an opportunity to say “thank you”. She encourages and helps all members of the team to utilize their talents to contribute to the team’s success.

Alix has a great talent for communication. She possesses the gift of tact and diplomacy, approaching all situations with calm reassurance. Alix’s warm, positive approach puts people at ease. She is a pleasure to know, and I wholeheartedly recommend her, personally and professionally.

Community Organizer and Volunteer Coordinator, Empower Efficiency, L.L.C. 

 04-GGBa_Logo-CMJN-300_300Alix is incredibly smart, dedicated, and highly self-motivated. She learns new skills very quickly – even when assigned tasks are vague and undefined – and asks smart questions. She has strong analytical skills and exercises excellent judgment. She completes work consistently and on time. She is a rare gem to find as a colleague – truly a joy to work with.

Director, USA, Greater Geneva Berne Area – Switzerland


logo_philly.jpgAlix Howard provided oversight to a green professional training program I used to run. She was an empowering leader who took extra time to make sure people’s needs were being met. If you seek a manager who is likable and not overly controlling, Alix would be a good candidate.

Small Business Economist, Temple University